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BUCK Apple In-App Animations

This piece used a brief provided by BUCK:Create a set of five animated illustrations for each of Apple's products: iPhone, iPad, Watch, iMac, and Apple TV.

Illustration Process and Exploration

These subtle animations would exist on iOS to suggest to the user the primary use of each device. Without being distracting or overwhelming, the animations should exist within the same visual world and seamlessly blend in with Apple's contemporay and clean design language.


I decided to assign each product its own signature color. I used clean, minimal vector shapes and subtle gradients to stay on-brand and show contemporary sensibilities.

Once these rules were established, I went through a number of rounds of experimentation; I rotated, scaled, shifted, and rearranged each composition until it was dynamic and appealing.

First Round Animation

The first round of animation brought forth new challenges such as how to solve the loops without creating a yo-yo effect and how to make the animation subtle and smooth so it is not jarring or distracting to the viewer. 

The most important takeaway from this project was the importance of rounds of experimentation. Usually, settling for the first composition you create is holding it back from being really great. I additionally enjoyed making something super vector based!

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