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Onyx Coffee Lab - Blends

Creative Concept





Post Production

Direction: Samee Callahan

Design & Illustration: Nicole Klein

Animation: Rebecca Cook, Nicole Klein

Onyx Coffee Lab is an internationally awarded coffee roastery, based in Bentonville, Arkansas. Pixel Bakery Design Studio was tasked with creating a 30-second spot highlighting their unique approach to coffee blends.


Unlike most coffee roasters, Onyx puts special love and attention into their collection of blends, sourcing the beans specifically for their unique flavor notes. For this project, we wanted to highlight the flavor notes an average coffee drinker wouldn't expect to find in their everyday cup.

Illustration Exploration

Ethiopia (1).jpg
Colombia (1).jpg
Onyx Blends Cover

We love Onyx as a client and brand. As a creative team, we met to discuss future projects we would like to pitch them. I suggested an illustrative approach to highlighting flavor notes, and after seeing a deck including some of my fruit and floral illustrations, Onyx requested we apply that painterly style to an animation about their collection of blends. Research included studies of the various source regions, the specific flavors in each box of coffee, and acquainting ourselves with the coffee flavor wheel.

Our creative team worked hard to marry Onyx's clean and bold branding with the colorful sensory experience we wanted to convey. The end result is a gorgeous introduction to Onyx's collection of blends; its message is accessible to both coffee newbies and champion baristas.

I assisted with animation, including textures, color correcting, and and reformatting the videos to post on various social medias.

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