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The Body Lab


Video Production



Creative Director: Samee Callahan

Cinematographer: Mitchell Guynan

Designer & Animator: Nicole Klein

Production Assistant: Nicole Klein

Pixel Bakery Design Studio was tasked with creating a 15-second Youtube Pre-Roll for a local Lincoln chiropractor business. Rachel prides herself and The Body Lab on offering unique and modern chiropractic services for a young and athletic clientele.


We were inspired by Rachel's illustrative mural in creating this piece. We knew it had to be eye-catching enough for a Youtube audience, while reflecting Rachel's modern and clean design sensibilities.

Pre-Production: Storyboards


Prior to the shoot I concepted and created storyboards for the cinematographer to roughly follow. Rachel told us that her three most important services are cupping, dry needling, and sports rehabilitation, so we prioritised this imagery. 

For the animation, I used camera tracking to draw on the abstract and anatomical arm illustration. I am absolutely obsessed with how this shot turned out; the animation is framed by Rachel's mural, and the lighting is so clean and pretty. This was an incredibly fun and rewarding project to work on.

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