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Senior Thesis Development


I created this short film as my senior thesis project at Ringling College of Art and Design. The brief was simply "EVOKE"; create a 30-second animation that evokes, not simply a spectacle. This was an approximately 4-month labor of love, frustration, and collaboration with my incredible friends and faculty.


From the beginning of the process I knew I wanted to create a piece that celebrates my identity as a young woman and the relationships that have formed me. In the spirit of nostalgia and warmth I committed to a children's book illustration style with bright colors, motion parallax, and cel animation.

newfinalshot (0-00-02-20).jpg

Pre-Production: Approved Animatic

Pre-Production was incredibly important to this process. I went through many stages of development deciding on clear word-to-picture associations and symbols that were both personal and accessible. 

Completing the animatic and getting it approved for animation was a sigh of relief. I knew the design and animation stage would be a lot of fun. I left myself about 4 weeks of production which was a challenging timeline; it felt rewarding when I was finally done and could look back at how successfully I hit all my completion goals and milestones.

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