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Mountain Dew celebrates individuality by helping "You Dew You." My challenge was to create an expressive, fun, and energetic animation that expands Mountain Dew's market to appeal to young women with the same adventurous and creative spirit. 

Two Direction Pitch and Storyboards
Refining and Reworking

One note from the pitch was that the room should be messier and show more character. I agreed with this note and had a lot of fun adding clutter to the illustration! 

A second note was to include the character herself. I decided the best course of action would be to take a video of myself and rotoscope it. This was an unexpected and challenging addition, but one I was excited to try.

Finally, the last piece of feedback was to reverse the storyboards, so it starts with the room and rotates out to reveal the Mountain Dew bottle and tagline.


First Round Animation

For the first pass of animation I took a reference video of myself dancing and rotoscoped it. I couldn't use a green screen for the Mountain Dew bottle, because it's green, so I filmed it on a black surface and keyed out the background.

Finally, I blocked in the motion of the color streaks rotating around the bottle.

Some feedback I received was to experiment with ways of making the colors pop more and showing the depth between the color streaks, the bottle, and the background. Try to add some energy with the motion of the color streaks.






Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 10.35.51 AM.png




One thing I realized during this process was the importance of post-production and polishing. Before adjusting the levels and saturation of my piece, and adding subtle effects such as outer glows and drop shadows, I thought it looked fine. Afterwards, though, it was quite clear how much these little adjustments made the whole thing pop!

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